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ManFAQ Friday: It’s just a cold, ya big baby!

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It’s Friday, and that means answer time! For those of you who have commented with questions from previous ManFAQs, thank you. I’m adding yours to the list of questions women have asked about men over the years, and I will answer them all in turn – to continue to demystify the more malodorous gender for those of the gentler.  Actual questions, posed by real women, and answered by a REAL man. What could go wrong?

Question:   Why are guys such big babies when they’re sick?</p>

Answer:    This is actually pretty straightforward.  It’s a case of … um, hold on just a second.

Hey Mom – click over here!  Shiny! 

OK.  This is a straightforward Oedipal complex.  Most guys turn into big blubbering babies when they’re sick because they subconsciously want you to “Mother” them like their moms did when they were young.  They also wanted, as Freud so eloquently put it,  to bang their moms when they were young – long before they knew what that was. 

Now, he’s ill, he’s regressing into his childhood, and suddenly you’re about to play two roles for the price of one, because that big baby never seems to be too sick for some Hey Hey, does he?   Right, I didn’t think so. 

Gosh I hope she clicked that link. 

Now you know. Please, feel free to comment with any questions you’d like answered!</p>

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