May 9th, 2010


Happy Mother’s Day!

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We may be reaching “that” age. SOBUMD called her mother this morning for Mother’s Day. The side of the conversation I could hear was classic: “Happy Mother’s Day!” … “I said, Happy Mother’s Day!” I’m sure it was just a bad connection.

SOBUMD’s idea of a good Mother’s Day is sleeping in, having breakfast of hot bagels and fresh salmon, and not getting out of her PJs. We’re big fans of not getting out of our PJs in this house. She opened a few presents from the kids, and there were great surprises. Of course, it was the kids who were surprised to find out what they bought for her, but at least someone was surprised.

The home-made card from the Human Tape Recorder included a remarkable treatise on Motherhood: “You’re nice, smart, awesome, helpful, and a lot of other good things.”

Yeah, I think that about sums it up.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!