May 13th, 2010


Don’t Throw the Pigeon Under the Bus!

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Clearly, I’m the lax parent and should return to my regular urchin-beating schedule. Who knew?

Number One Son commented to his mother the other day that “Sometimes it’s easier when just Dad’s around. You’re really strict.”

Before SOBUMD could voice a riposte to this, the Reigning Queen of Pink, Grand Duchess of Fluff, and High Protector of Barbies rushed into the gap, defending the honor and good nature of the parent in front of her, “What are you talking about? She’s a kind, loving Mom.”

Number One Son gave her a classic “your bangs do a good job hiding the lobotomy scars” look and just moved on. SOBUMB decided no further comments were required.

A few day before this, mind you, SOBUMD was lecturing the older two while all three were in the playroom; when she was done, the RQoP looked at her and said, “Excuse me, I’d just like to say that I’m not a part of this.”

Is it any wonder that her favorite book is called “Don’t Throw the Pigeon Under the Bus!”