July 8th, 2010


Cooking with the BUMD, Day Two.

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Too much burgundy and brandy in the Bouefsicles; they never froze, and the popsicle mold tipped over.  Freezer looks like a damn abbitior.  I had to turn it off and let the cats lick it clean – furry bastards will eat anything.

Today I was going to try Julia’s Choux de Bruxelles a la Milanaise, but that turns out just to be Brussels Sprouts with brown cheese.  Is it me, or does everything just sound better in French?  (”Bonjour, je suis le Grand Déplaisant Homme Poupée!”)  Mind you, you could mix anything with butter, Swiss and Parmesan cheese, and more butter, and it’s not going to suck. 

Since it’s another 98 degree day with an air quality alert listed as “disgusting,” it was back to the Giant Blender of Death.  In with the soggy green golf balls, both kinds of cheese, a cup of melted butter, and one ice cube.   Blend until smooth and pour into chilled shotglasses rimmed with lime.