October 14th, 2010


Signs you may have too many doctors

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Last night, SOBUMD and the Reigning Queen of Pink spent the night at the Very Clever Grandparents’ house.  They got up early this morning to get to Children’s National Medical Center in DC, far too early for normal humans.  The appointment went well, and SOBUMD called me after dropping the RQoP back at school.

SOBUMD: “The specialist found that the 8-percent curvature of her spine is NOT due to scoliosis after all.  It turns out that one of her legs is measurably longer than the other.”

I thought about this for a moment.

BUMD: “They can tell that from an endoscopy?”

SOBUMD: “That’s next week, dear.”

BUMD: “Shit.  Right.”

Yep.  Too many doctors.