May 29th, 2011


Right answer, kid

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Sometimes, the whole “lack of social graces” is not necessarily a bad thing. Today, as part of the SOBUMD birthday celebration, we dragged the whole family shopping. ‘Cause you know, that’s a good time.

While banging through the Giant in Springfield – we don’t usually shop there, but we were in the area for three other stores and hey, it was there – SOBUMD and the younger two were working off the main list while the Human Tape Recorder and I were on search and destroy missions. SOBUMD reported the following encounter, after we were safely gone from the store.

She’d noticed an “older gent” (which is a very relative term for me these days, but he was probably in his early 60s), about 5’8″ with grey hair and a massive pot-belly that puts mine to shame, going through the same aisle they were in, going the other way – and thought nothing of it. Two aisles later, the same guy walked past them, and he struck up a conversation with Number One Son.

Random Dude: “Hi there again! We just saw each other in the ice cream aisle!”
Number One Son:  “Hi.”
Random Dude: “What did you say your name was again?”
Number One Son:  “I didn’t.”

And that was it.  No compunction about being polite, making small talk, making friends – and Number One Son is one of the most well-mannered 10-yr-olds you’d want to meet, and certainly the most well-behaved of our brood.  (I’ll caveat that with, “when he’s had his meds.”  God help you if he hasn’t.)  It so totally floored Random Dude – who might have just been a nice old guy saying hello – that he wandered off flustered, which was totally OK with SOBUMD.  I realized later that it wasn’t that he seemed creepy or gave off bad vibes or anything – Number One Son just started with the assumption that this guy had his facts wrong, and couldn’t even remember that they hadn’t exchanged names a few minutes ago.  Anyone who can’t even keep up with a few minutes ago just isn’t worth his time to talk to.

Fine by me.