December 14th, 2011


Advent of Holiday Horror: Song 12

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For the 12th song of Christmas, I will give to you:

Twelve Bachmanns hating
Eleven Perrys baiting
Ten whack-jobs running
Nine-Nine-Nine Cains a-planning
Eight Johnsons waxing
Seven Huntsmans hunting
Six Newts a-laying
FIVE Mitts crashing lunch!
Four Roemers roaming
Three weird ol’ Ron Pauls
Two Confused Ricks
And an Advent of Holiday Dreck! 

God, how I loathe this song.  I lothe it in all its myriad holiday and socio-economic iterations.  I. Just. Don’t. Care.   Beer can’t make it better.  Even the Muppets can’t make it better.