September 26th, 2012


Houston, We Have Coupons

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So there I was, innocently trying to make a buck or two here (since this blog doesn’t exactly pay for itself and if we shut down the BUMD, the terrorists win), when out of the clear blue Internet comes an email from  “Dear BUMD,” they say, “we think you ought to put our ad for our new coupon service on your blog.    We’ll pay you up front!”

Now, since I have long been an advocate of the idea that people who write should only sign checks on the back, they of course received my undivided attention.  I checked out their website and realized that it really was the same Answers.Com folks who are always popping up in my Google searches for random facts.  Since they looked legit and had cash, I had to decide:  Could I be bought? 

Ha!  So, having pondered that for nearly 275 milliseconds, I nearly broke my keyboard installing their little ad on the side of this site and thanking them for their money.  And then it hit me – that nagging voice that says, “Is this an ad you can actually stand behind, you mammering swag-bellied pignut?” 

Since I can’t stand being called such names, least of all by the voices in my head, I resolved to try out the service, by which I mean, of course, that I asked SOBUMD to do it.  She promptly reported that they have great coupons for interesting things, and that the site and service worked just fine.  She was able to prove this by spending the entire advance that they’d so graciously sent, which while not a large sum was sufficient for us to report that it’s a viable ad that I can stand behind.  Alert reader Tony also clicked through, and declared it to better than the musical “Cats.” 

Which is important, since they’ve already given me the money.  But don’t just take my word for it – go click!  Look!  See!  And click the other one once in a while as well, if you have a second; every nickel helps!