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Muppets in Love …. craft.

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OK, imagine if you will:

“Beaker, what’s the matter?”
“Nnnnnnnnn! Eeeeee! Old Ones!!!”
“Old ones, huh? OK, um, Kermit, how’re you doing?”
“It’s not easy, bleeding green. Green is the color of the ichor that falls eternally from the wounds in my soul after having gazed on the madding visage of the -”
“Alrighty then! Jump cut to – the Swedish Chef! Is that a new cookbook, chef?”
“Necronominicon? Bork bork bork shoggoth, bork bork bork yog-sothoth, Bork Borkny’thomonic Bork Ahazerad! BORK BORK BORK YOG-AZUL BORK NY’THLOTEP -”
“I think that’s about all we have time for tonight! Tune in tomorrow, if there is one!”

OK, maybe not…

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