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Happy Birthday to Youngest Daughter

I'm always loath to call her Number Two Daughter. First, she might take it awry. Second, Number One Daughter already lords it over her siblings on being eldest. And Third, well, she might take it awry - and I'm a little scared of her. She's fierce. (For those who might not know, it is in fact her toothless grin that currently graces the cover of this here big ugly man blog. Would *you* mess with her?)

I've considered calling her "last daughter", but while technically accurate it lacks that je ne se qua, that sense of effervescent bouncing pinkness that is her. Like I said, she's fierce.

And now, she fierce and she's Five! It is her Birthday today, celebrated with love on the day of her birth, which is sure to become a major holiday in the near future. And so, a toast - Happy Birthday Weechin!
Tags: birthday, reigning queen of pink
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