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And Happy Birthday to the Bonk!

... To my eldest, who was a good and dutiful child even in utero. We learned early in 1998 that she was there, and that she'd be due in mid-November. The first thing I said was, oh, a Halloween baby!

The midwife induced on Oct 30, around 7 am, because it doesn't really matter what the FATHER thinks about when babies should be born. Trust me that on the maternaty ward, all soon-to-be fathers are Big, Ugly, Man Dolls.

The baby in question, however, has a LOT to say about when the baby gets born. She held out for 21 hours, and was born around 3 AM on Holloween. To this day, my wife has never quite forgiven me.

Happy Birthday!!!

Yep, looks like another post from the Big, Ugly Man Doll!